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Have you heard of body dysmorphia?  I struggled with weight and body image my whole life. I was able to hide my insecurities by pretending to be confident and maintain what I thought was a socially acceptable figure by restrictive dieting and binge eating. My decision to make a lifestyle change started when I had a thyroidectomy in 2016. Now I guide women through their own lifestyle changes by combining mindset, fitness and nutrition. I have a degree in Nutrition, I have developed and facilitated meetings for corporate nutrition companies and I have directed and lead group fitness programs. I started Sweat & Soul Freedom to help women create a healthy, happy lifestyle by combining all of the training and research I have done into one total solution that WORKS!

We all deserve to feel confident in our own skin. 



My passion is to help other women overcome tragedies and events in their life that have taken their confidence away. I help you identify small behavioral shifts to help get you to your goals. With proven behavior change through leveraging internal resources and external support we work together to achieve your weight loss and wellness goals.


From an unaware Narcissist victim to an educated Narcissist abuse warrior. The way to help others is to bring awareness and educate. If you don't understand Narcissist abuse be thankful. If you know someone who may be a victim of Narcissist abuse educate yourself to help them. If you are, or you were a victim of Narcissist abuse know that you are not alone. I do offer coaching on Narcissist abuse recovery.

Image by Sydney Sims
Tofu Salad

#food freedom

From Binge Eating to Balanced Living

Eat and Live FREE

F-First Veggies

R-Rarely Processed

E-Everything in Moderation

E-Eat for Energy


I could never keep plants alive! I thought fake plants were a great invention. Then one day I found peace in plants on my patio. I love to learn about new plants and share the beauty I see in them everyday. My goal is to have a mini greenhouse to be able to turn other black thumbs into plant lovers too.



My Mexicans Pnut & Pedro

(AKA Mr. Nuts and Drobie).

My Grumpy Grampies or Grampies Gone Wild depending on the day are now 18 & 17.

Growing up with Labs I always wanted a chihuahua. So I got DOS! They are my world and I would love to have a senior Chihuahua rescue one day. Watch their daily shenanigans on IG. If you are a dog person you are my people!

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