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Are you feeling stretched thin between work and personal life? Does the constant hustle leave you drained and longing for more energy? You're not alone!

What if you could create a life that feels balanced, energized, and fulfilling?

Driven by career ambition, my relentless drive led to burnout by 2016. A wave of exhaustion and a nagging dissatisfaction pushed me to make a change, I knew there had to be a better way. I decided to to reclaim my power, identify the underlying blocks holding me back, and cultivate routines that fueled lasting energy and unshakable confidence. Now I empower women over 40 to design personalized lifestyle changes for lasting results and feeling their absolute best!

mindset. nutrition. fitness. confidence.

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Life throws curveballs, but you are not alone. I help you rebuild confidence & tackle challenges with a proven approach that fits your lifestyle. Identify sustainable habits

Embrace your inner strength

Build a supportive network

 The results? You'll acheive your wellness goals, reclaim life balance, and ignite confidence with passion and purpose!


From Survivor to Advocate: Empowering you on your healing journey.

  • Thriving After Narcissistic Abuse: My experience as a survivor ignited a passion to help others heal and reclaim their lives.

  • Raising Awareness, Empowering Change: Together, we can raise awareness of narcissistic abuse and support those affected.

  • You Are Not Alone: If you're navigating narcissistic abuse, know there's a supportive community and resources available.

  • Healing and Growth: I offer coaching to guide you through the recovery process and build a future free from abuse.

Image by Sydney Sims
Tofu Salad


Discover the secret to acheive sustainable weight loss, hormone balance & lasting energy. Simple nutritoon prgrams for busy women in their 40s.


Gone are the days of plastic greenery! I used to have a graveyard of fake plants, but then I discovered the magic of real ones. Turns out, I wasn't a black thumb after all! My patio oasis sparked a passion for learning about plants and their beauty. My love for plants has grown, and now I want to help others cultivate their own thriving gardens.



Ever wonder what life is like with two senior Chihuahuas? Look no further than these two characters!

Pnut: aka Mr. Nuts Is the sweetest, most resilient little epileptic fighter. 

Pedro: aka Drobie Might have a grumpy face but he has a heart of gold.

They are the bestest of buds and forever bro-skis.

Now 17 & 18 these "Grampies Gone Wild: (depending on the day) are my whole world! They may be small, but their personalities are larger than life.

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