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There are also examples of experimental evolution studies with clinically relevant viruses. Experimental evolution has been applied to answer a wide range of question about the epidemiology and biology of these viruses. For example, studies have investigated: the effect of different drug concentrations on viral growth and evolution (Gatanaga et al. 2002; Maisnier-Patin and Andersson 2004); the effect of fitness recovery after bottlenecking (Lorenzo-Redondo et al. 2011); the effect of different environmental and genetic parameters on adaptation (Das et al. 1999; van Opijnen and Berkhout 2005; van Opijnen et al. 2007; Vasilakis et al. 2009; Bordería et al. 2015); and the shape of fitness landscapes (Acevedo et al. 2014; Lorenzo-Redondo et al. 2014). Hence, experimental evolution has been a valuable tool to understand the epidemiology and evolution of viruses.

Christine envall the growth experiment full


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