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rising phoenix international

You are a badass partner

How would you feel if you could live the life you always imagined?

I’m looking for the woman who wants to live that life.

She needs to be open-minded and motivated to make a change.

The woman I want to join my team has to be compassionate.

She’s determined and she finds joy in helping others succeed.

Just imagine how different your life could be in 6 months. The impact this could have on your kids' life and your husband's life. The vacations you could take all while celebrating the woman you have become because you took a chance on yourself.

If this sounds like you fill out the coach application and I CAN NOT wait to connect with you and start changing lives together!

We rise by lifting others.

We believe in healthy habits.

We are confident in our abilities.

We believe in hard work & true grit.

We are determined to discover

our personal potential.

We overcome obstacles.

We strive to rise up to the purpose

for which we have been created.

We believe in taking action.

We know the power

of accountability.


We thrive with

personal development.

We do the hard things.

We are a community of warriors

who look after each other.

We each set the bar high

so others will level up

to their potential.


We are

Sweat & Soul Freedom

partner with me!

Which BEST describes you?
Are you familiar with BODi?
Fitness: Which BEST describes you?
Are you willing to invest in your health, business and on personal development?

Thanks for submitting!

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