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Is motivation gone? If you are someone that feels the heaviness of the world, the burden of your situation, and don't have anyone who understands to talk through it with, that's what I do. No, I am not a therapist or psychologist- I'm just a human with my own experiences... experiences that led me to seek out the answers that would help me out of my problems. I've put thousands of hours into researching and learning all the methods, techniques, and practices that are out there for those struggling to find a sense of peace, balance, and overall joy in their lives.

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Mindset Coaching

You know the cycle of wanting to make a change? You go all in only to quit, feeling like a failure, waiting a couple of months when life slows down only to circle back to the beginning and repeat the process? What about the toxic relationship of looking in the mirror and hating what you see? Have you heard of body dysmorphia? 

You have officially qualified to be in a toxic relationship with your own mind and body. Between childhood trauma, life events, diet culture and mentality, and social media, how could you not be? I was. Until I worked on my brain. 

I work with you to uncover your why. Why you overeat, Why you make certain choices, and why you feel the way you do. Imagine how your life could be if you ended the toxic cycle.

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Have you tried diets but can't stick with them? You know that feeling when you can't go to a restaurant or a friends house because you are dieting. How about Happy Hour? Then you fall into temptation and the cycle repeats. I've done that too. It's common and what keeps the diet industry in business. Learning and understanding the emotional connection you have to food solves the diet cycle. Overeating is not about the food or the number on the scale. It is an emotional attachment formed through life events. With experience, knowledge and some science I help coach you to understand & overcome your food and weight struggles for good. 

Narcissist Abuse Coaching

Do you have unhealthy relationships in your life? This can be romantic, friendships or work colleagues.

I was surrounded by unhealthy relationships. I always thought others had the same heart as me. I trusted upfront and believed words. I ended up in an extremely mentally abusive relationship. I had no idea what I was in or how I was in such a bad situation. Being a fixer I started researching things he would say. I was going to help HIM and help our relationship. During my hours of research, I came across Narcissist abuse. The more I educated myself the more fearful I became. After years of abuse, I am Narc Free as of June 2020. Through research, education, therapy, and my own personal journey I coach victims of Narcissistic abuse. Whether you are in an abusive relationship, think you might be involved with a Narcissist, or are in the healing stages, you can finally find freedom. From an uneducated Empath to a Narc abuse Warrior I know what abuse feels like and I can help you overcome it.

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Love Yourself

Narcissistic Traits

Love Bombing



Sex Addiction


Sex Control

Reactive Abuse

Trauma Bond


No Contact

Cognitive Dissonance



Golden Child


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