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New episode every other monday

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Episode expectations: 

We all have a story to tell. Hearing and sharing them helps us grow, accept and realize we are not alone. Each story gets us that much closer to our own Freedom. Focus Topics: Narcissist abuse, Toxic Relationships, Health and Fitness.


Why I started this Podcast:

To normalize taboo topics!

So many things I thought, or felt, or was going through I felt weren’t normal and I was the ONLY one. I would research, read and talk about all the things with close friends. The more I did the more I felt better and it was making others feel better too. Validating feelings. We all had the same or similar situations and feelings. I created this podcast to share and help more women so no one feels they are alone! Creating confidence one episode at a time!


What to expect in each episode:

Real stories from real women! Vulnerability, humor and emotions. 

A topic you have been thinking about or going through we are going to talk about. Tune in every other week for a new topic you don't want to miss. Survival, Strength and Support. Damn its hard being a woman right? Let's tackle this journey together!

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