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Eyeq Bluetooth Driver Windows 7

  • Helpful FM7 Videosjwplayer.key="0eYLSvHFUHvnyLDeUmYnwIIvv9wxJXhV9XMd9w==";Loading the player... jwplayer("myElement").setup( playlist: [image: "images/videolg.jpg", file: " +Windows+7+Walkthrough.mp4", title: "Windows 7 Walkthrough video",description: "Configuring Windows 7 and the BlueTooth Manager to communicate with the FM7" ,image: "images/videolg.jpg", file: " +Windows+10+Walkthrough.mp4", title: "Windows 10 Walkthrough video",description: "Configuring Windows 10 and the BlueTooth Manager to communicate with the FM7" ], listbar: position: 'right', size: 320 , width: 700);FM7 Bluetooth Assistant Software, v1.0.1.2, to easily setup Bluetooth communication between your laptop and FM7 control. Also useful for mapping com ports when programming the EL6 with a USB-Serial adaptor.Download the Bluetooth Assistant ManualBasic Instructions:- Download to a known location, like the desktop, and run the installer

  • - Make sure you have a Bluetooth adapter or Bluetooth integrated into the computer (most laptops and new desktops have it)

  • - Start it up and be patient while it scans. It will find all the washing machines and display them for you

  • - Select the desired COM port (should match the port selected in the EL6 Win 2 software), select the machine from the list, then click Connect

  • - DO NOT use the system bluetooth dialog to mount the washing machines

  • - If you get a machine with a comport # of "-1" it means Windows didn't install the driver properly. Click the Refresh button and it will usually clear it up. If refresh doesn't work reboot and try again.

  • - Watch the task bar for a message saying "A Bluetooth device is trying to connect". You will see this the first time you mount a machine. Click on it and alllow the connection. After that you can communicate with the machine.

The Bluetooth Assistant Manual has detailed instructions and pictures to help you through the process.

Eyeq Bluetooth Driver Windows 7



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