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Dark Fall The Journal Download

The adventure genre has gone through significant changes since its inception years ago and is hardly recognizable in its current form. Now adventure games are as much action as adventure, but the original adventure genre was anything but action oriented. Ignoring the push to be more action focused, Dark Fall: The Journal goes back to that original adventure genre, focusing more on puzzles and story telling then attacking enemies. Although there have been games like CSI that achieved some level of success with this approach, Dark Fall: The Journal ends up having a dark fall of its own, failing to capture essential gameplay concepts that are critical for this type of adventure game.

Dark Fall The Journal Download

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The rapids will sweep the Dragonborn down a long tunnel and past a few frostbite spiders, awakening them. A short drop down a waterfall will deposit the Dragonborn into a large spider nest, with three spiders in tow. After killing the spiders, follow the river and defeat four more spider who will awaken. A giant frostbite spider will also emerge from a tunnel in the wall which also contains a chest. Follow the path and proceed up the dark tunnel until an abandoned camp at a junction point is found.


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