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MAC Roundtable: Week 7

Emanuel took part in a two-week civilian volunteer holiday, known as the Sar-El, where, as a civilian volunteer, he assisted the Israel Defense Forces during the 1991 Gulf War, helping to repair truck brakes in one of Israel's northern bases.[23][24]

MAC Roundtable: Week 7

Protests erupted soon after the release of the video, and on Black Friday protesters shut down part of the city's Magnificent Mile.[126][127] Public calls for resignation grew steadily over this period, including a well-circulated op-ed published in The New York Times.[128] By early December, Emanuel's approval rating had sunk to 18%, with 67% of Chicagoans disapproving of his job performance, and slightly more than half of those polled calling for his resignation.[129] During the week of December 10, protestors blocked streets and continued to call for Emanuel to resign.[130][131] Additional protests against Emanuel and Chicago's Police Department were held on the city's busy Michigan Avenue shopping area on December 24, 2015.[132]

In 2012, during the contract negotiations between the city and the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU), compromise could not be reached over issues like health insurance increases, teacher evaluations, and seniority pay increases.[140] On August 8, 2012, the CTU voted 90% to authorize a strike.[141] On September 10, the CTU began a strike[142] after CTU President Lewis declared that negotiations with the city were not succeeding.[143] On September 14, the CTU reached a tentative agreement with the city which included preferences for teachers who have been laid off due to a school closing to be hired in another school and student test scores having less of a role in teacher evaluations than the city had originally planned.[144] This tentative agreement did not hold, and the strike continued, after which Emanuel announced his intention to seek a legal injunction, forcing teachers back to work.[145] On September 17, Emanuel's efforts to end the strike stalled as the walkout went into the second week.[146] Delegates from the CTU voted to end the strike on September 18, 2012,[147][148] and students began their return to the schools the following day.[149]


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