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The Pros and Cons of Patching Illustrator CS6 with Patch Fr Fr

the illustrator cs6 patch fr fr comes with many special brush presets. you can download the full package of brushes from baker design. illustrator cs6 patch fr fr is a stand-alone version of the brushes. it is free but it has a small price: the package includes: 5 brushes for creating metal, laminated, wood, brass and scenic scenes. 5 brushes for creating acrylic, gouache, oil, acrylic and watercolor scenes. 25 presets for creating acrylic, gouache, oil, acrylic and watercolor scenes. 1 background brush.

Patch Fr Fr Illustrator Cs6

Download File:

illustrator cs6 is also packed with awesome tools like: a new brush tool that helps you to create an organic and natural look using brush strokes. a new tool strip that lets you drag tools on the screen and create a tool strip from a set of tools. several brush presets that you can use to create a custom brush. a new brush preset that let you to create a completely new brush using a single stroke. a new crop tool that you can use to remove a part of the canvas with a single click. a new text tool that let you to create vector graphics without a raster layer. an improved effects panel that lets you easily apply effects like blur and drop shadow. a new camera panel that lets you to easily navigate in the canvas. a new grid that helps you to align elements in the canvas easily.


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