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Transformers Prime Episode 6 [VERIFIED]

Then, at 8:30pm ET 5:30pm PT, it is time for Transformers Prime! This week brings the second part of Operation Bumblebee. In Operation Bumblebee Part 2, the brave mute Autobot contends with demons without in the form of a MECH / Starscream alliance. Meanwhile Ratchet must contend with his own inner demons! To get you fired up for this new episode, check out this new still released on Facebook via the official Transformers page!

Transformers Prime Episode 6

By deducing what the title of the episode and the synopsis my guess is at one point or another, team Prime bots have questioned Optimus decisions/orders without the strictness of reprimand or admonishment. But they still knew who was in charge. With the arrival UM and logically is OP's second in command plus the fact that they know his demeanor and strict protocol, the bots feel like they're being micromanaged without fully being appreciated; particularly Smokie's recognition as valued member for his sometimes unapproved but heroic actions, Wheeljack's insubordinate attitude, wrecker styles of Bulkhead/Jackie(again)and the humans being around might send UM in a bitching session between his subordinates and OP.

Episode 6 is the sixth/final episode of Transformers: War For Cybertron Trilogy: Kingdom, and is overall the eighteenth/final episode of the Transformers: War For Cybertron Trilogy. This episode was written by Tim Sheridan.

Zap2It continues to keep us apprised of the upcoming Transformers Prime episodes and episode 6, titled "Loose Cannons," will debut not just one character, but two. The description of the episode reveals that "a legendary Autobot returns to Earth to look for a new Decepticon, but Optimus finds that something is not right with the rogue Bot." Who could they be? Speculate! Be sure to check out our Transformers Prime Episode Guide for all information about the show! 041b061a72


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