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Buy Nursery Furniture Sets

Furnishing your little one's room is easy when you shop for nursery furniture from Bambi Baby. Our baby furniture sets include dressers and luxe cribs that are solidly made to provide safe, comfortable sleep every night for your baby. Checkout our top nursery sets to invest in quality nursery furniture sets that you know will last. Find 2-piece and 3-piece ensembles that beautifully serve as infants' bedroom sets and can grow with your child. You can purchase a crib and dresser set now, and down the road, convert the crib into a toddler bed and continue to use the dresser for your little one's belongings.

buy nursery furniture sets

Nursery bedroom sets are available in various styles, colors and finishes, so you're sure to find baby nursery furniture that you love. Whether you're looking at light or dark nursery sets for your child, there are plenty of options to choose from. Shop Bambi Baby today to find the best nursery furniture sets for sale.

If all you need is a crib, you have that option above, but with the great variety of matching pieces we carry to complete your nursery, the most popular and efficient way to shop is by set. In a variety of shapes, sizes, brands, and styles, the sets we carry are all long-lasting, high quality, and, most importantly, safe for your baby. Shopping for baby furniture by set is a simple, cost-effective way to create the right nursery for you and your baby.

Your baby's crib will be the centerpiece of the nursery, and a place for rest, comfort and lullabies. Sam's Club carries a wide variety of cribs, many of which convert into daybeds and toddler beds, so you'll be able to use them for years to come. Select from a wide variety of sizes, styles and colors.

So, you're having a baby. Congratulations! After that initial excitement, the work of setting up baby's nursery begins. You're probably wondering: Are there any baby furniture stores near me? Well, if you live in the greater Miami area you're in luck. Bellini Baby & Teen Furniture has the largest selection of baby furniture in south Florida. On display in our Boca Raton showroom, less than an hour north of Miami, we have all the top brands of nursery furniture sets, cribs, dressers, changing stations, bedding, decor, gear and more.

Nursery furniture sets: We have more than 50 nursery furniture sets in our large showroom. We have vignettes from all the top brands, including Romina, Babyletto, Silva, Franklin & Ben and much, much more. Other places may show you a few cribs or dressers; at our greater Miami showroom you'll see tons of full nursery furniture sets so you can see exactly how they will look in your home.

Cribs: Instead of buying a whole nursery furniture set, if you'd rather mix and match pieces you'll see tons of great options to choose from. Many of our brands look great paired together, so if you like a crib from one nursery furniture set and a dresser from a different nursery furniture set, you can customize your nursery exactly how you want it.

Greenguard certification: When you leave our greater Miami showroom you'll feel great about your purchase. That's because most of our nursery furniture sets are Greenguard Certified. That means they have passed some of the most rigorous testing for safety and materials. You'll have peace of mind knowing baby is sleeping in the safest nursery furniture on the market.

So stop wondering, "Are there any baby furniture stores near me." If you're in Boca, Miami, or anywhere in south Florida, come to Bellini and check out our incredible selection of baby furniture sets anywhere in the Miami area. We're less than 50 miles north of Miami. Just hop on I-95N to Exit 45. When you see the our incredible selection of nursery furniture sets, you'll be glad you did!

We offer high-quality nursery furniture sets to help you create the perfect bedroom for your baby. Shop our baby furniture collections above to find the safest baby cribs, dressers, nursery accessories, and more.

With a baby on the way, you want to be as prepared as possible. Not only for the big event, but with the nursery as well. Because despite being so itty bitty small, the number of things a baby needs is quite big.

Whether you are expecting, adopting, or just planning ahead, finding the right furniture sets for your home nursery is a crucial step to take before you welcome a new family member into your home. You may feel the urge to scour furniture stores like West Elm, Rooms To Go, and Ashley Furniture for the right nursery items for you and your little one. But before you let your scouring begin, you might consider your local Target store for some stylish, safe, and affordable nursery set options that could be worth buying.

One of Target's least expensive nursery furniture collection sets is the Graco Princess Collection. As seen from its images, this furniture set can easily illuminate your nursery with an adorable elegance that your little one is sure to love. Each piece of furniture boasts beautiful designs with a soft white finish. Beyond its beauty, this furniture set will also provide your nursery with plenty of storage space and pieces that last even as your child grows. Because the Gracio Princess Collection includes a convertible crib, you can transform the crib into a toddler bed or even a full-sized bed when your child is ready.

According to Target, the price of the items within the Graco Princess Collection range between $89.99 and $179.00. While you'll still have to spend some cash, these items are more affordable than most, considering the average consumer pays between $150 and $800 for a new crib (via How Much Is It). The items included in this collection are a convertible crib, a six-drawer dresser, a changing table, and a glider with an ottoman, which is nearly everything you need for your home nursery. With the cute design and modest prices, we say this set is worth it.

Another relatively affordable nursery furniture collection Target offers is the Storkcraft Nestling Nursery Furniture Collection. Unlike the Graco Princess Collection, this set takes on a darker appearance that is perfect for bringing a simple and modern look to your nursery. Beyond the simplistic look, the set boasts plenty of storage opportunities and pieces that will transform as your child grows. For example, the Storkcraft Nestling Nursery Furniture Collection offers a convertible crib that can transform into both a toddler and a full-sized bed that can easily accommodate your child as they grow.

Boasting slightly higher prices, the items within the Storkcraft Nestling Nursery Furniture Collection cost between $89.99 and $279.99. When you purchase the entire collection, however, you can ensure that you will get everything your nursery needs and more. The collection includes a convertible crib, a six-drawer dresser, a drawer chest, and a glider with an ottoman. The sleek and versatile design make this set worth considering.

Chapters Indigo is more than just a bookstore - they also have some super cute picks for your baby in the furniture department, and at some pretty amazing prices, to boot. Check out cribs from brands like Stokke, Storkcraft, Little Seeds, Graco and South Shore, nursery staples like change tables and dressers, and sweet decor like book racks, hampers, mattresses and more. Quite a few decor items can be found in store, but your best bet for all the bigger stuff is to head online.

To keep your little one snoozing safe and sound every night, create a baby nursery that both soothes and supports. Choose a solid rocker or glider to bond with baby while easing them to sleep, then inspire sweet dreams by loading baby cribs or a toddler bed with ultra-soft blankets, crib bedding sets, crib mattresses and bumper pads. Top off this resting place with a comforting mobile made to lull your babe into dreamland.

Baby furniture needs both form and function. Changing tables and cribs with adjustable features and built-in storage, hampers, nursery dressers and armoires make life easier by keeping everything tucked away in one place within reach. Loaded safety features like guard rails and padding keep baby safe and mom at ease while convertible designs let items grow as kids do.

If you have not decided whether to purchase individual furniture pieces for your nursery or nursery furniture set, there are some things to consider that may make your decision a little easier. Below are some advantages of buying a baby furniture set. 041b061a72


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