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Kanye West - Praise God (Restricted Edit)

BBC arts editor Will Gompertz gave the music video four stars out of five, asserting that "it is a good film," albeit one inferior to Jafa's earlier work such as Love is the Message, The Message is Death and The White Album (2018) due to the position of "Wash Us in the Blood" as the visual's most important element.[38] Jon Caramanica of The New York Times judged that "Jafa's video collage of trauma and exuberance remains effective here."[39] MTV writer Patrick Hosken dubbed the visual "chaotic," noting that it opens "with police sirens and warped faces and intercut with footage of West's own glitched-out face."[34] However, Adjei-Kontoh panned the "risible" video for juxtaposing clips of Taylor and Arbery with video game footage and viral videos, which he argued denies "the sacred inherent in the very lives the song seeks to praise" and reduces black life "to digital death and instant commodification."[15] Within less than 24 hours of release, the music video had received over a million views on YouTube.[40] Based on the platform's community guidelines, the video was age-restricted.[41]

Kanye West - Praise God (Restricted Edit)

Three sources also tell the outlet that Ye went on an antisemitic rant at the TMZ offices in 2018, supporting Van Lathan's claim that he praised Hitler but that this footage was cut from the interview. A former TMZ employee tells NBC that founder Harvey Levin "came back into the edit bay and said, cut out anything related to Jews, to that type of antisemitism." 041b061a72


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