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Audio Won Play In After Effects Cs5 Keygen

Specifies the sample rate, sample depth (8 Bits or 16 Bits), and playback format (Mono or Stereo). Choose a sample rate that corresponds to the capability of the output format. Choose an 8-bit sample depth for playback on the computer, and a 16-bit sample depth for CD and digital audio playback or for hardware that supports 16-bit playback.

Audio Won Play In After Effects Cs5 Keygen


Lets you maintain the audio pitch during scrubbing and playback while using the J,K,L keys. Selecting this preference helps improve the clarity of speech when playback is at a higher or slower than normal speed.

In the Audio Hardware pane of the Preferences dialog box (Edit > Preferences > Audio Hardware), you can specify the computer audio device and settings. You can also specify the ASIO and MME settings (Windows only), or CoreAudio setting (Mac OS only) that Premiere Pro uses for audio playback and recording. When you connect an audio hardware device, the hardware settings for that device type, such as default input, default output, master clock, latency, and sample rate are loaded in this dialog box. For example, the following screen shows the settings for a connected MME device (Windows) in which you can modify the default selections in properties:

ASIO and CoreAudio drivers are preferable because they provide better performance and lower latency. You can also monitor audio as you record it and instantly hear volume, pan, and effects changes during playback.

In the Playback pane of the Preferences dialog box, you can select the default player for audio or video, and set preroll and postroll preferences. You can also access device settings for third-party capture cards.


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