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Anyone who has ever been involved with the search for a used vehicle has undoubtedly come across the possibility of purchasing a corporate fleet vehicle, and you may have wondered whether it was safe to make such a purchase. These kinds of cars are usually advertised as a very advantageous deal for the buyer, and they do seem to be well maintained, with generally comprehensive service and maintenance records.

should i buy a fleet car


Several rental car companies have distinct operations, and sometimes entire divisions, which are assigned the task of reselling used vehicles from the corporation. This is also true of many used company cars as well as surplus vehicles used by government personnel. If you have ever considered purchasing one of these kinds of vehicles, you should take the same approach that you would for any other kind of used vehicle, and research it properly.

Just as you would with a used vehicle offered by an individual, you should determine whether or not you can get a good price, how well the vehicle was maintained, what its current mileage reading is, and what kind of warranty might be included with the sale. In other words, when you think about purchasing a corporate fleet vehicle, you should subject it to the same kind of thorough examination you would with any other used vehicle you might consider.

Those which have been handled relatively kindly by sales representatives or manager type personnel tend to be in better shape than service and delivery vehicles, which are routinely run into the ground. Some auto dealers retain some vehicles for use as demo models and loaners for customers, and these tend to be in fairly good shape. Many dealers have limits on when such cars should be sold off, and usually, these types of vehicles remain under warranty at that time, so these can be a bargain.

You should also try to detect the presence of mold or mildew because some vehicles are stored for long periods in areas that are warm and humid, and that can promote the growth of nasty substances in the vehicle.

The second pro is the variety of ex-fleet vehicles available: you can pick the majority of makes, models, body types, engine versions and accessories. Virtually all segments of the car market are sold ex-fleet, from the city and compact cars, through the middle class, up until the representative premium class vehicles.

Ex-fleet cars are a good buy and no longer run-of-the-mill vehicles Fleet cars once were boring vanilla vehicles. They were base-model sedans, painted white. Times have changed, fleets are more varied than ever and, suddenly, buying an ex-fleeter is a much more attractive proposition.

"The fleet cars that come through now really just mirror the types of cars being bought privately," one fleet-seller explains to Carsguide. Previously, fleets bought up in big numbers, selecting the cheapest possible model, which had hardly any features.

Some makers even produced super-cheap models, without must-have features such as aircon', especially to secure large fleet deals. The advent of user-chooser fleets, with novated leasing, along with other factors such as poor resale for basic cars, have increased the quality and breadth of fleet cars.

There are pros and cons with used fleet vehicles but the odds of a great buy improve dramatically if you follow some guidelines and do some homework. Used fleet cars often represent good value. When a large fleet is turned over, there are plenty of cars and they need to be moved along quickly.

The fleet managers generally make sure the maintenance occurs in a timely fashion, as it is not in the interest of a company to have a car off the road with a problem. Major fleets also know that a poorly maintained vehicle will not be worth much when it comes time to sell.

Most fleet cars are treated very well. This is partly because employees don't want to have to explain any damage to the boss. If the company's name is on the fleet vehicle it is far less likely the vehicle will be driven hard because it only takes one phone call to dob them in. Of course, this is not always the case. Some people treat fleet cars terribly and drive without the care an owner would show the vehicle.

If you are looking to buy a reliable and trustworthy vehicle at a good price, you may wish to consider buying a fleet vehicle sold at auction. What is a fleet vehicle? Fleet vehicles are vehicles that were used by companies for their employees and business endeavors. Many fleets, especially those for non-service businesses, consist of passenger vehicles, often the latest models with great features. When the fleet is ready to upgrade, those vehicles are sold, often at auction. Car buyers looking for a bargain just might find it at one of these fleet vehicle auctions.

Finally, fleet vehicles can be more reliable than other used vehicle options. Fleet mangers typically sell their vehicles not when something's wrong, but rather when they've reached the end of their expected lifespan. This means they are typically in good condition, unlike other used cars that may have been driven to the end of the road before the owner decided to sell.

Still wondering, should I buy a fleet vehicle? Are fleet vehicles a good buy? Check our current fleet vehicle auctions or inventory to see just how much you can save by purchasing a fleet vehicle. Then, set up an account and place a bid on the vehicle you like. Or, visit one of our locations to see vehicles in person, and participate in one of our on-site fleet auctions. With the help of Capital Auto Auction, you can purchase a well-maintained, reliable and value-priced fleet vehicle, saving money while enjoying the benefits of a newer vehicle.

Leased vehicles enable you to visit the repair shop and gas pump less often. No joke. Since leased vehicles are typically new models, they have fewer maintenance needs (outside of preventive maintenance) and better fuel economy. As a result, your fleet can have greater vehicle uptime, lower maintenance expenses and lower fuel costs compared to your older fleet vehicles.

Enterprise Fleet Management uses automotive expertise to find savings for clients who operate a fleet of vehicles. Talk to a local Client Strategy Manager to see if a fleet program is the right fit for your company.

One of the most fundamental choices you need to make with your fleet management strategy is deciding between an employee reimbursement model and a company-owned or leased fleet where employees are provided vehicles. Download to see five reasons why companies are moving away from a reimbursement model for their fleet and get tips on how to get employees on board with a company-owned fleet.

There are a number of discounts exclusive to qualified fleets that offer savings from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars per unit. The typical qualifier is a total of 15 vehicles in a fleet or a one-time purchase of five or more vehicles. Once your company is assigned a fleet number by the automaker, you can use that number to purchase vehicles from any new car dealership that sells that brand.

What is a Fleet Vehicle?The word "fleet", suggests that the vehicle is just one vehicle in a group of cars owned by the same registered owner. A fleet vehicle can be defined in a few different ways depending upon the state in which it is titled and can fall into any of the following categories: 1. a vehicle that is owned by a company and listed under the company's name as owner2. a vehicle owned by a rental agency, but listed as a fleet because they own more than one car3. a vehicle owned by a company but driven by an employee either as a private car or a commercial car4. a vehicle owned by a bank or financial institution as part of a lease portfolio, but leased to a private individual5. a vehicle that is part of a dealer's inventory, which he or she in turn can bring to auction to sell

Just because a vehicle is flagged as a fleet vehicle, does not mean there is cause for concern regarding abuse or damage. Although many fleet cars are well-maintained, as they are maintained under regular schedules, fleet vehicles that are used commercially do tend to be driven somewhat harder than the average vehicle. The manufacturer's new car break-in and maintenance schedule may or may not have been adhered to. The rule of thumb is to resist buying an ex-fleet vehicle without service records and an independent mechanic's inspection.

Dealer demonstrators are another type of fleet car. They are not available very often and are rarely a good deal. Similar to a rental car, the dealer has likely been using it for test-drives, in addition to local jaunts, such as the DMV, bank, lunch breaks and week-end excursions. Your salesperson will tell you not to consider it a used vehicle, as it still has the Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin, and has never been titled or registered. Under the law, however, and in the marketplace, a demonstrator is a used vehicle. If a demonstrator with 5,000 miles on it were sold at a dealer auction, it would bring 15% less than a similar vehicle with 100 miles on it. Determine its depreciation based on an average of 10% for every 4,000 miles on the odometer, taking off an additional 10% if it's last year's model. Remember, subtract the 10% off of dealer invoice, not Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price/MSRP or list price.

Dealers and manufacturers use auctions to sell off of their leased vehicles that have been turned in, as well as their unsold inventories, rental cars, and high-mileage and over-worked fleet vehicles. Retail customers used to be welcomed at wholesale auctions, but that practice has stopped. Today, dealer auctions are closed to the public. Although auction cars can still be bought from used car wholesalers and brokers by communicating with them via cell-phone during the auction process and you can find good deals, bidding against seasoned dealers is a long shot to come out with a real deal and be prepared to pay full price on the spot, including dealer's fees and commission. Another important consideration is that there is no warranty or promise of condition unless an original manufacturer's warranty remains in effect. 041b061a72


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