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Buy Yoga Socks

Those with really sweaty feet will love the Muezna Non-Slip socks: With a unique mesh design that provides extra ventilation, these are just the socks you need for those hotter workouts (or seasons). The grips are made with silica, which is a unique yet effective way to add extra traction.

buy yoga socks

These toeless socks are the best for those who prefer to work out barefoot but still appreciate the grip that barre socks provide. The entire sole of each toeless sock has a unique design of sticky grips which keep you from slipping, while the Mary Jane design and low ankle cut provide ample air flow for those who appreciate their toes feeling a bit more free.

From toeless models to organically made and no-show low-cut kinds, you have a vast array of yoga socks to choose from. Glance through the guide we compiled that consists of tried and tested models and pick the pair that seems to be a good match.

Anti-slip yoga socks with natural silica grips and a moisture-wicking mechanism? Yes, please. The yoga socks designed by Muezna offer you exactly that and even more. They incorporate a breathability feature that allows for optimum ventilation and an anti-skid technology that prevents you from slipping.

The number of scenarios in which they could be useful is limitless and ranges from yoga and boxing studios to hospitals and airplanes. The medium thickness protects your feet against picking up the nasty bacteria from the ground while also keeping you warm.

Having a criss-cross and a toeless design, these yoga socks look and feel like your typical ballet equipment. They are built from a blend of cotton and spandex, which makes them comfortable and snug at the same time. The five separate slots for your toes might feel strange at first, but you will quickly get used to them.

This stylistic choice enables your toes to retain that tactile feeling and balance yoga poses with much more stability. Besides, you have a lot of room to wiggle your toes whenever they get exhausted. The silica dots on the sole provide a good level of gripping so that you are never in doubt of whether the next flow will require more of your focus.

Instead, you are given the possibility to keep your focus straight on your practice and stay present. When headed out for the next barre class, pack your Hylaea socks in a mesh bag that comes with them and you will be out of the door in a matter of seconds.

These ballet yoga socks by LA Active are a perfect model of a foot accessory that can be worn around the house just as much as in a yoga studio. They give you the comfort of regular socks and the traction and stability of yoga socks. Featuring a padded heel tab and a closed-toe design, the pair is built to support your high-intensity physical exercises and shield your feet from the outside dirt.

The manufacturer took into account this fact and embedded the sticky grips on the soles for the same exact reason. You will see for yourself that the slippage is completely absent no matter how intense your yoga sessions get.

Your balance will be consistently on point with these socks on, which is, evidently, one of the most important requirements of yoga. That said, you are not limited to yoga studio scenarios only. Barre and pilates classes, traveling on long-haul flights and hospital visits are equally suitable environments for these socks too. You will likely be walking on slippery or somewhat dirty surfaces that demand some grippy foot clothes.

Different from other yoga socks, these DubeeBaby ones have a distinctive design that consists of 4D gel dots placed on the soles. They act as a sturdy grip that provides just enough cushioning for you to feel stable during the yoga flows. They are designed ergonomically to take away the pressure from your feet and support them throughout the entire practice.

The pure cotton the socks are made from provides the soft-to-the-touch feeling while also keeping your feet in a safe and dry place. The added to the mix elastane ensures the right fit regardless of your foot size and keeps the feet snatched. If you are in search of a sanitary alternative to the bare feet, these yoga socks are able to equip you with just that.

The ball and the heel of your foot have enough traction for you to keep moving around and attempting those high-intensity poses. As with any toeless pair of socks, your feet are exposed to the fresh air. This minimizes the chance of getting your socks wet from the sweat and thus calling it a day halfway through your yoga class.

Perhaps the most famous brand in the yoga socks market, Toesox released a pair with which everyone from yoga teachers to barre enthusiasts have become obsessed. Even if you are not a fan of fabric stuck in between your toes, you will find the separation provided by the Bellarina socks convenient. It will help you to remain stable regardless of what flow you decide to follow on any particular day.

These funky-looking socks designed by Tavi Noir are surprisingly one of the comfiest out of the bunch. Hugging the foot right below the ankle, the pair provides a glove-like fit that is what the majority of yogis favor. The integrated arch band is made to support the middle of the foot throughout the entire yoga session.

Together with the fitted heel, you will find yourself at ease while making twisting and bending movements. The soles are equipped with gripping, which enables you to stick your foot to the ground without having to worry about keeping it stable. The manufacturer made sure to include the organic cotton in the material of the socks, thus contributing to environmental conservation.

If you are a fashionista who lives and breathes yoga, you will find the Glitter Mesh socks by Shashi to-die-for. Apart from having all the essential qualities of a grippy pair of socks made with yoga in mind, this model integrates a stylish sparkly design that you will want to show off. Its mesh insert on the top of the foot acts not only as an aesthetically pleasing detail but also as a ventilating tool that allows your feet to breathe.

You will come to appreciate the non-slip bottom with grips on these socks as it enables you to be in a stabilized position all throughout yoga or a workout class. The manufacturer ensured that the left and the right socks are constructed in their unique manner.

This is a great way to give back and invest in your physical wellbeing at the same time. These socks feature strong and thin grippers for a better sticking to the floor or yoga mat and a honeycomb arch support to prevent your feet from getting too tired. The Y-stitched heel and blister tabs are there to offer the maximum comfort to your heel and the sole of the foot. Whatever class you choose, you are bound to get the most out of it.

The Left and Right markers on each sock help you to differentiate between them when there is little time left before your next yoga class. The toeless design with no fabric in between the 4 toes allows you to wiggle your toes with increased flexibility. Quite literally, nothing stands in your way of perfecting that Halasana or Chakrasana pose.

Although the socks have an opening on the top, the blood circulation in your feet is not restricted due to the soft blend of the fabrics. Rather, your feet are kept warm and snug. They are also kept moist-free because of the built-in moisture-wicking technology.

The tailoring further includes a criss-cross detail on the top of the socks that allows you to channel your inner ballerina but also tightly snugs the foot and keeps it in place. The heel is fitted, thus reducing the twisting and bunching, and the band has an arch for additional support.

You can skip your beloved yoga mat and practice anywhere you want with these grippy socks by Gaiam. Toss them in your backpack or throw them in your suitcase and advance your skills overseas without the need for professional equipment. Choose either criss-cross or a lace-up design and reap the benefits of owning a grippy pair of yoga socks that perform well in every condition.

It is spread so well that the entire sole is covered with non-slip texture that helps you to stay stable at all times. The other detail speaking about the fact that these socks are very much yoga-oriented is the blend of the environmentally-conscious materials.

The added CoolMax mechanism gives the socks a high level of breathability, whereas the well-padded gripping provides the right amount of stickiness. They hug your foot nicely without being too overwhelming, which allows you to practice yoga or pilates in comfortable non-restrictive apparel.

As with any type of clothing, yoga socks will start showing signs of wear and tear over time. This time, however, can be postponed if you invest in a good-quality pair of socks as opposed to the cheap alternative. The better the material of the grips is, the longer they will stay looking fresh and retain their primary function. It would also help if you read the care instructions before using your new pair of yoga socks to preserve its initial shape. Some are fine to wash in the washing machine and dry in the dryer, while others have to be washed by hand and hang to dry naturally. This makes a huge difference in the long run and has the potential to save you some money that can be used for upgrading your other yoga equipment.

Although yoga socks are made to be worn with no shoes during yoga-like practices, you can still pair them with some sneakers or boots. Their lightweight and breathable fabric ensures the comfortable fit even when wearing bulky shoes. The rule of thumb states that the thinner the yoga socks are, the better are the chances that they will fit nicely in any pair of your shoes. This is particularly helpful when headed out to your local gym or leaving for the airport to fly the tedious 9 hours or more.

Just like your regular socks, yoga socks require orderly washing after each practice. Cutting to the chase, no one wants to be wearing a stinky or dirty pair of socks to their zen-inducing yoga session. For this to not happen, you must take proper care of your yoga socks, which will also, by the way, prolong their life. Depending on the fabric of your yoga socks, you might want to wash them in cold water and hang them to dry. The instructions could include a different solution, but if you are unsure, stick to this rule and you will be safe (or so will be your socks, to be exact). 041b061a72


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