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[S3E16] Deal Me Out EXCLUSIVE

After secretly hearing most of their conversation, Lorelai announces herself and tells the ladies she has pizza. At the end of the scene, she mutters smugly, "I've got the good kid." So let me get this straight ... Rory is the good kid because she hasn't had sex yet? Why is this show so anti-sex? Rory is a high school senior with a steady boyfriend. If she wants to have sex, what's the big deal? The same goes for Paris and for girls without boyfriends who just want to fuck someone because it feels good. Use birth control, be responsible, and stop doing it if it interferes with your mental health. Otherwise, get that d or v!

[S3E16] Deal Me Out

These two can no longer sweep their issues under the rug, and it looks like all of these issues are about to be dealt with head-on. "Don't Take My Sunshine Away" was merely a waiting game. The tension was palpable as soon as Randall and Beth looked at that massive whiteboard.

I called you four times Beth. What did you turn your phone off so you didn't have to deal with me, while you're busy standing me up? If you had told me something was this important to you, heaven and earth couldn't have stopped me from being there, but maybe that's the difference between us, I don't know. I hope it was worth it, okay? I hope your off having fun, talking about how to teach bored housewives how to twirl. Grow the hell up, Beth.

One of the freed demons is Ruby (Cassidy), a former witch who claims to oppose the demonic world. She frequently helps the brothers throughout the third season with her demon-killing knife and knowledge of witchcraft,[2][5][6] but Dean mistrusts her manipulative nature.[2] As the deadline approaches, the Winchesters learn that Azazel's successor, Lilith, holds the contract to Dean's deal.[7] He now only has one day remaining before he is sent to Hell.

In the Staff operating theater three months later, a pregnant woman, Sabine, dies on the table while being operated on by Ethan with Juliet and Goodwin's assistance. Goodwin attempts to comfort the distraught Juliet, telling her to leave and that he will speak to Ben. Ben approaches Juliet outside as she sits on the rocky coast. Ben says that Sabine knew "the risks" she was taking when she became pregnant. Juliet declares her theory that "the problems" occur when the baby is conceived and that she can only be certain of her theory if she is allowed to take one of the women back to Miami. Ben flatly refuses, so Juliet says that there is nothing more she can do there. She apologizes and acknowledges that Ben put a lot of faith in her, but it's time for her to go home to her sister, who is only three months away from having her baby. Ben informs Juliet that her sister won't be giving birth in three months because Rachel's cancer has returned and that she will be dead before Juliet can return. He takes a folder of medical papers from his bag, documenting the cancer, and shows them to Juliet. Juliet is angry and distressed that Ben didn't inform her sooner. She asks where he got the information, and Ben says he got it from Mikhail. Ben offers a deal to Juliet: if she stays on the Island and continues her research, he will make sure that Rachel's cancer is cured. He points out that none of the people on the Island have ever had cancer. Juliet retorts "that's here" and that Ben won't let Juliet bring Rachel to the Island. He says that Jacob will take care of it personally... unless Juliet "[doesn't] even have faith in him."

They collect firewood and Kate wonders why Jack hasn't said anything about what happened in the week he spent with the Others. Jack explains that he cut a deal with them by helping Ben. He says, "I did what they told me and didn't ask any questions." Kate is skeptical that it was that simple, but leaves it alone. Meanwhile, Sayid questions Juliet about who she is but she refuses to tell him anything. She says he would kill her if she tells him everything he wants to know. He bluntly implies that he will kill her if she doesn't. Jack returns and tells Sayid to leave Juliet alone, and that she is under his protection.

James shows up at the firm, furious that Harvey has turned him into the bar. He held up his end of the bargain with Mike, but Harvey says that deal ended when the US Attorneys' Office came after him. James threatens to come after Harvey and the two exchange shoves in the hallway. Donna sees this.

A young woman named Emi is grasping Quark's ears from behind, presumably giving him or leading up to oo-mox, as he is obviously enjoying the experience. She is attempting to get Quark to finalize a deal whereby she will purchase self-sealing stem bolts from him, but he says it can wait since Emi's family will not return to Deep Space 9 for another week. Rom enters Quark's quarters and ruins the party, telling his brother that they need to leave. However, it is too late; Grand Nagus Zek and his servant Maihar'du enter behind Rom moments later. Maihar'du gestures at Emi to leave Quark's quarters and she promptly does. Although Zek's head is covered and Maihar'du does not speak as usual, it seems the Nagus plans to move in with Quark.

Zek is at a terminal talking to a party who needs Kohlanese barley, and is going out of his way to acquire some. He cuts off the transmission when Maihar'du, Quark and Rom come in, quickly kidnapping Zek and take him into the wormhole aboard his ship. Throughout the ordeal, oddly, he remains extremely pleasant and not disturbed at all.

Alex and George are in the morgue to take photos. They are also looking for a pregnant woman. Alex complains about having to deal with the families. He'd rather deal with patients. George finds a body lying face down. He has Alex help him turn it around. George finds it hard to believe Alex isn't moved by all this death. He then finds a pregnant woman. Alex takes a photo of her face.

The episode starts off with Wildberry Princess humming and making meat filled pies for Finn and Jake in her bungalow. As she bends down to place her oven mitt in the drawer, she notices a tiny opening on one of her pies, but disregards it and carries it to the table. Wildberry thanks the two for answering her summons, as she speaks of someone trying to kill her. Although she states that it was 'no big deal', Finn corrects her and says that it is a big deal and demands details. Wildberry complies and goes to a retrieve a note sent by the Guild of Assassins, which she says was "stabbed to [her]" The note states "Princess Wildberry, we're going to assassinate you. G.O.A." Finn vows that he and Jake will protect her, Jake however continues to gobble on his pie, and says that he thinks that there's a monster who lives in his stomach, which is the reason why he's hungry all the time. Finn becomes disgusted and goes outside to continue his conversation with Wildberry Princess.

Spies are in the law-breaking business. Call it espionage, covert ops, whatever you like. When you get right down to it, you're a criminal working for a good cause. When your job involves daily law breaking, chances are you're going to find yourself on the wrong end of a manhunt at some point. It's hard to get used to the ideal that doing the right thing can mean being public enemy number one. The good news is you're usually too busy trying to survive to get upset. The best thing is to get away, deal with the situation, and hope people are in a forgiving mood.

This is where Marcus makes his offer. He is going to provide $300k to the company. In return, Mike will give up 40% equity. Of that 40%, only 25% will go to Marcus, the rest will go to the three employees, 5% each. Mike and his wife think it over, and they agree to take the deal. Mike is reluctant to give up being in charge of the decision-making process, but he knows this move is probably for the best.

Dean's first "permanent" death is in season 3, episode 16, "No Rest for the Wicked," when he is torn apart by hellhounds that then drag him to Hell. Dean's death is the result of a crossroads deal he made at the end of season 2, in which he offered his own life in exchange for Sam's. Dean was given a year to live before the demon Lilith came to collect, but despite Sam's best efforts, he was unable to break the deal. Dean went to Hell and died on May 2, 2008. Like all deaths in Supernatural, however, it didn't last long. Four months later, Dean is resurrected by Castiel.

It is revealed Meredith had been drugging Aria with some type of medication, causing her to sleep for days. Hanna arrives at her interview only to find it is a set up by "A." The encounter is quick and brief, and Hanna is merely knocked when "A" (Toby at the time) pushes her down with a line of mannequins. While making his/her escape, "A" drops, (rather haphazardly) a key, only feet in front of Hanna, which Hanna soon gives to Spencer, to act as an interim counselor for her as she deals with her new found fear.

It's pretty obvious that Matt still loves Elena, and it's probably one of the most heart-breaking scenes in the episode, watching him tell her that it wasn't hard to be around her and deal with all of her twisted vampire boyfriend drama.

Kate arrives in Will Zimmerman's office and informs him and Bigfoot that she has information on the whereabouts of a dealer in dangerous abnormals. Will wants to get law enforcement in on the operation, but Kate says that they have to act now.

Magnus and Tesla argue about the best way to deal with the situation; when Tesla touches the crystal, it quickly falls apart, releasing the young looking, dark-haired queen of the vampires. When she awakes, she is weak and sits down next to a pool of Tesla's blood. After tasting it, she suddenly knows Nikola's name and speaks perfect English. She asks about the whereabouts of her brother and the rest of her race, and is shocked to learn that her empire has fallen long ago and she and Tesla are the last of her kind. 041b061a72


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