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Ultimate Reset® Complete Kit

Helps you feel invigorated, lose weight, and get back on track to better health in 21 days. In just 3 weeks, the Beachbody Ultimate Reset will help gently cleanse your system. This gentle, no-starvation cleanse helps restore your body to its optimal "factory settings," so you can feel and look healthier than before.

Go & Glow Stack

Meet your ultimate self-care bundle! The Go & Glow Stack helps you thrive—not just survive—on your busiest days by helping you stay energized and hydrated, while helping promote a healthy-looking glow.

  • Energize, which is formulated with key ingredients that help increase energy and endurance and sharpen focus.*

  • Hydrate, which helps maintain the body’s fluid balance and replace important electrolytes that are lost through sweat.*

  • Bioacitve Collagen Peptides, which is formulated with a key ingredient that helps increase skin elasticity, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and support healthy nails.*

Energize Pre-Workout

Get in the zone and make the most of your workouts with Energize! Take Energize before you work out to help sharpen your focus, push harder, and last longer—because every ounce of extra energy means better results. Key ingredients in Energize are scientifically shown to help:*

  • Increase energy and endurance

  • Improve intense exercise performance

  • Sharpen focus and reaction time

  • Delay exercise-induced muscle fatigue

  • Increase muscle power output


Gain a powerful advantage every morning with FIRST THING, your ultimate daily defense in one health shot. This science-backed supplement helps:*

  • Support your immune system

  • Nourish brain health

  • Defend against stress

  • Provide healthy energy

FIRST THING can help you rise above whatever is holding you back with focus, balanced energy, and a sharper state of mind.*  

The 4 Week Gut Protocol Revitalize & Optimize Bundle

Help support your digestive health and put yourself on a path to feeling better with this powerful combination of supplements.

The 4 Week Gut Protocol Revitalize:

  • A prebiotic and probiotic blend that can help support beneficial flora in the digestive tract and help maintain gut health.*

  • 3 billion CFUs Bacillus coagulans.

The 4 Week Gut Protocol Optimize:

  • A proprietary blend of enzymes that help break down carbohydrates, protein, and fat.*

Shakeology 0g Added Sugar

You will feel the difference when you drink the original daily superfood nutrition shake with scientifically shown health benefits.

Shakeology’s 5 superfood blends use Nutrient Synergy: Optimized amounts of carefully sourced nutrients to help you feel amazing.*

  • 0g Added Sugar formula offers the same benefits of Shakeology without the 5g of added organic cane sugar

  • Clinically tested to help reduce cravings and support healthy weight loss*

  • 16–17g of protein to help build lean muscle and keep you full and satisfied*

  • Supergreens, superfruits, antioxidants, and adaptogens help support health & well-being and fight free radical damage*

  • Probiotics (2 billion CFUs Bacillus coagulans), prebiotics, fiber, and digestive enzymes for gut health and regularity*

  • Good source of essential omega-3 fatty acids from ALA to help support cardiovascular health*

  • Gluten-free, no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives

  • Contains 20–30 fewer calories than the original Shakeology formula

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